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Rounders Bat – Spliced Handle
Code: OBT-01
Seasoned wood bat.
Spliced handle for better play.
Non-slip rubber grip.

Rounders Bat – Cord Grip
Code: OBT-02

Seasoned wood bat.
Solid one-piece construction.
Cord grip.

Rounders Bat – Solid
Code: OBT-03

Seasoned wood bat.
Solid one-piece construction.
Non-slip rubber grip.

Rounders Ball – Natural Leather
Code: OBL-01
Top quality natural leather.
Superior cork and stitching.
International quality.

Rounders Ball – Leather
Code: OBL-02

Top quality pigment leather.
Superior cork and stitching.
Match quality.

Rounders Ball – Softy PU
Code: OBL-03

Top grade, extra-soft PU.
Ideal for both youngsters and experienced players.

Rounders Ball – PU
Code: OBL-04

Top grade PU.
High durability.
Ideal for match practice.

Rounders Ball – PVC
Code: OBL-05

High quality PVC.
Good performance and durability.
Ideal for school teams and rounders clubs.

Rounders Pole
Code: OPL-01
High grade PVC poles. Safety cap on top. 25mm diameter.
Rounders Base
Code: ORB-01
Heavy duty rubberised base. Heavy weight allows usage in windy conditions.
Rounders Bat & Ball Carrier
Code: ORC-01
Strong wire mesh construction.
Foldable handle for easy storage.

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