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Product Name: Xenon Boxing Glove
Code: BBG-01


Premium cow hide leather. High quality foam padding. High-tech cuff with velcro closing strap. Professional quality.

Product Name: Xebec Boxing Glove
Code: BBG-02

Description:Top grade PU.  High quality foam padding. Soft polyester lining for hand comfort. Vented palms. Extra padding on outer palms to break the fall. High tech cuff design. Velcro fasteners around wrist.

Product Name: Xentrix Boxing Glove
Code: BBG-03

Description:Top quality PU-PVC artificial leather. Soft fabric filling. Soft polyester lining for hand comfort.

Product Name: Torque Boxing Glove
Code: BBG-04

Description:High quality PU-PVC artificial leather. EVA padding. Cross-section construction for easy movement.

Product Name: Xenon Punching Glove
Code: BPG-01


Premium cow hide leather. High quality foam padding. Elasticated wrist.

Product Name: Xebec Punching Glove
Code: BPG-02


Top quality PU-PVC artificial leather. High quality foam padding. Precurved finger design and padded grip bar for ergonomic fit. Lightweight textile filling.

Product Name: Xenon Grappling Glove
Code: BGG-01

Premium cow hide leather.Fist protection. Shock absorbent padding over knuckles. Extra padding on back of wrist and outside the thumb. Pre curved anatomic fit.

Product Name: Xebec Grappling Glove
Code: BGG-02

Top grade PU. Open palm design with padded fingers. Extra comfort with hook and loop wrist strap. Superior wear and tear resistance.

Product Name: Xenon Grappling Glove
Code: BGG-03

Neoprene glove with gel knuckle insert. Provides excellent coverage and comfort. Elastic hand wrap for superior grip and fit.

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